Don’t Be An Asshole!


It must be legit… it’s biblical.

I know a few peeps that need to take heed of this one…jussayin’.

Love you long time xx mp xx


Turns Out People Who Swear A Lot Are Actually Smarter Than People Who Don’t

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.20.59 pm

Somewhere deep down inside my spongey bone marrow I knew this to be true.
Cos the peeps with a limited vocabulary still only use a limited amount of swear words.

Anyways…. it’s science so it must be true… am I right or am I right? :3

Check out the story below for your reading pleasure.



Love you long time

xx mp xx




Hooley dooley…… this one even took me by surprise. The attrociousness of women having their punanis glammed up when on the other side of the globe women are being forcibly genitally mutilated is a tragic irony.

The photoshop scenario for soft p*rn is ridiculous too. No wonder people get screwed up over their sexuality.

The very finest men i have ever known in the biblical and non biblical sense, have been the ones that have expressed their love of the female form in whatever package it comes delivered. They love all of the lady bits – and i love them for that. 

That’s a grown up man for you.

Don’t get me wrong – i know women are their own worst critics and are ridiculously harsh on themselves and each other  – but i think so many men have no idea of the confidence they can give to their partners through total acceptance.

It is powerful stuff.

Please watch this video and let me know what you think. It is fascinating and a little heart breaking.


x mp