Keyword Activities

Every now and again I like to see what keywords led people to the IRL blogsite:

It always fascinates me WTF people are looking up.

Now, in saying that i google some completely messed up crap
but mostly because i want to take the piss out of it for the site:
but check out some of the list:

“felching father and boy”

what kind of fark wit looks for that crap? freak!

the rest are the usual suspects: young girls and gerbils.
underage c*nts
felching with gerbils

it’s a mixed up world.


Felching Straws and Gerbil Pipes

I’m wondering if i should start a retail arm for the IRL site. I have been looking at the rude logophile google analytics as one does at 1.30am on a Saturday morning, and felching straws brought 8 hits to the site in the past few weeks.

Perhaps i could offer such sexual aids for sale at a premium price. One of my other considerations has been “gerbil pipes”. You don’t see those on offer too often do you?

Anyway, i will be sure to let you know if these top shelf items become available. Meanwhile, who knew you could become a Certified Felcher?


“I feel like discussing felching today!” – bet if you waited your whole life you’d never see that statement anywhere else! I’ve had felching stuck in my head all day long. Yes, yes i know its unfortunate and a little messy but i thought i would define it and then maybe it would vacate the normally vacant space that is my conscious mind and i could focus on something else.

So here goes:


This is an act which someone sucks, sometimes with a straw, semen out of another’s vagina or ass.

e.g. Boy, I sure am parched. I sure could go for felching your ass right about now.

courtesy as usual of that treasure trove the Urban

My head is now back to empty and i hope you have a fantastic, felching like weekend!