Interesting numbers for IRL

Always most interesting to read the web stats for ones own site. Since i started the blog in March of this year we have had over 3000 hits to the blog. More specifically since mid July this year IRL has had:
Page Loads 2,128

Busiest Day 49 visitors on the blog in one day

Unique Visitors 961

First Time Visitors 724

Returning Visitors 237

Most popular search terms have been: gerbilling, felching straws and alternative words for penis.

So, it’s nice to know that somewhere out there 237 regular visitors find something here to compel them to return. Hopefully they get a laugh out of it all and add some trash talk to their vocabularies. My mission achieved! And if we could just get a few more people to use the word c-u-n-t, that would be pretty good too!



“I feel like discussing felching today!” – bet if you waited your whole life you’d never see that statement anywhere else! I’ve had felching stuck in my head all day long. Yes, yes i know its unfortunate and a little messy but i thought i would define it and then maybe it would vacate the normally vacant space that is my conscious mind and i could focus on something else.

So here goes:


This is an act which someone sucks, sometimes with a straw, semen out of another’s vagina or ass.

e.g. Boy, I sure am parched. I sure could go for felching your ass right about now.

courtesy as usual of that treasure trove the Urban

My head is now back to empty and i hope you have a fantastic, felching like weekend!