Don’t Be An Asshole!


It must be legit… it’s biblical.

I know a few peeps that need to take heed of this one…jussayin’.

Love you long time xx mp xx


Turns Out People Who Swear A Lot Are Actually Smarter Than People Who Don’t

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.20.59 pm

Somewhere deep down inside my spongey bone marrow I knew this to be true.
Cos the peeps with a limited vocabulary still only use a limited amount of swear words.

Anyways…. it’s science so it must be true… am I right or am I right? :3

Check out the story below for your reading pleasure.



Love you long time

xx mp xx



Say Happy Birthday …

aussie bday greeting

How beautifully Australian….. :3

Love you long time! xxmpxx


Rock Your Baby….

I am totally loving this. All the moves… the outfit… the high pitched voice.

Magic! I am digging the goodness of the 70’s tunage this year. Soul Train is where it is at.

Enjoy – love you long time!

xx    mp   xx



Happy 2015 Logophiles!

Well it’s been a very love you long time since we were active over here but it’s time to play again.  Hello to those of you who have hung in there and to our newbies.

Let the games begin….:3  mp x



Farewell My Beloved Friends…..

Nothing of value i can add here really.
That poor dog is looking a little
nervous but given the circumstances
it’s completely understandable.
At least he got a “hot nurse”.
x mp


I haven’t got much to say except that this cracks me up 🙂
x mp