When anger comes you are not to do anything;
just sit silently and watch it.

Don’t be against it, don’t be for it.
Don’t cooperate with it, don’t repress it.
Just watch it,
be patient,
just see what happens;
let it rise.

Remember one thing:

don’t do anything in the moment of anger – wait.

Just give it a little time and wait and you will be surprised.

And one day you will understand that if you can wait enough,

It is a wheel;
it is moving on its own
 you are in a hurry.

Just as night becomes day if you can wait a little,

in the same way,
anger becomes compassion if you can wait a little.

The same energy
 just patience has to be added to it,
nothing else.

You try it.



One thought on “

  1. Amanda

    Love OSHO!! This is completely true! Hard to adjust at first if you are used to reacting to things…but if you breathe through the anger instead of joining it…. you and everyone around you reap benefits! Thanks for the post!

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