Couple fall from window during sex ….

Some of my favourite internet stories this week 🙂 x mp

Cheating German couple fall from window during sex session

A CHEATING couple who fell from an apartment window during a secret sex session suffered broken bones and head wounds. The man and woman, who were not named, fell about five metres from the first floor apartment, in the German city of Lubeck, German newsite Bild.Com reported.

The woman, who is married to another man, insisted the pair were not having sex, despite reports from neighbors who spotted the couple in action before their tumble. “We weren’t having sex. We were just fooling around. I can’t remember the fall anymore,” the woman told the paper.

In a bizarre twist, the clumsy lovers were taken to the same hospital where the woman’s husband was recovering from his own fall – from a roof a few days earlier.


Woman Accepts Village Idiot Award For Hair Blaze

 Dani Hamm earned the honorary title this month by getting the most votes from regulars at the Story Inn, a restaurant and bar about 15 miles east of Bloomington where she’s a bartender.

A woman whose hair caught fire when her hairspray-coated follicles ignited as she lit a cigarette is now a southern Indiana town’s reigning “Village Idiot”.

The title awarded every April comes with a $100 bar tab at the rural inn. Hamm was driving to work in February when she lit up a cigarette and then heard a “whoosh” as her hair ignited.

She wasn’t injured because she used her hands to douse her hair, which she had coated with a liberal layer of hairspray.


One thought on “Couple fall from window during sex ….

  1. God forbid that she ever breeds with that Broome idiot who nearly made a croc's dinner of himself.Their offspring would be consigned to the primates cage at the zoo.

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