Unfortunate choices…..

I already have an issue (yes i know – i have many)
with brides who have no business wearing strapless dresses
choosing one for their wedding day
because it is fashionable. 
It is a style only for certain body shapes
and to squeeze into any type of dress
especially of the strapless variety
is a fashion crime from which there is no return.
So why does it keep happening?
Of the last 5 weddings i have attended, 4 have been girls
on the meatier side all wondering down the path
of wedded bliss in gowns they should have been talked out of.
Only one made the grade. Stunning.
So how does it all go so very wrong?
I guess when you look around our suburban lives
there is a proliferation of tank tops with non tank bras showing from the back,
fem guts and arse crack hanging out of low rider jeans,
muffin tops, black bras under white tops, g-strings above low jeans…..
And it’s not just girls, what boys wearing jeans that have baggy asses
and hang low on their skinny hips?
Just plain nasty. What happened to making an effort
to wear something that actually fitted well?
Cashed up bogans – more mass produced bunk from asia – everyone
wants cheap clothes – young girls with guts hanging out from shitty diets and lack of exercise…
When will it end i ask you, when will it end.
So to any one out there wearing ill fitting clothes,
please wear something that fits – it’s empowering, much more becoming
 and it feels good.
End of rant!

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