Disco Stick….

Hmmmm, shiny – check…. pretty – check….
Thanks Snuffy – i think i’m in love 🙂

click the link for the full action jackson effects 🙂
Disco Stick

1. an elaborate, flashing,squirming and vibrating dildo.

i was pleasantly shocked when my one night stand produced and unleashed a mind blowing disco stick on herself !!

2.  A glow stick or other brightly flashing stick-like object used commonly in nightclubs and crack houses for entertaining people high on drugs.

Jeremy loved sitting in the corner away from the others while watching Billy twirl his disco sticks.

3.  An erection caused by a combination of drugs and dance music. Usually leads to “booty calls” and “picking up trade.”

4. Penis. Popularised by the Lady GaGa song “Love Game”

Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.

5. A sex move – a man snaps glowsticks of various colours and pours the liquid on his genitals, producing a ‘psychadelic’ effect during intercourse in the dark.

“Last night I rode Michael’s disco stick!”


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