Big, small, big, small……..

Have you ever wondered about shrink ray guns? Or, guns that make things bigger? I see them on t.v. every now again and it sets me off on a little monkey tangent. I found a great question and answer section on this exact matter – interesting, very interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you think that a Shrink Ray will be made in this current life time?
for example i’m 14 years old ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, does anyone think that well will be able to create a shrink ray? I think it would be very convenient for us, because we could minimize huge luggage and stuff. And could we invent one that could even shrink a human to an inch? If so or not so, could you explain it in a way i could understand. im not really good with big scientific words ๐Ÿ˜›

A shrink ray is not possible, at least it would not work on living things. This is because your body has no hollow spots (except your lungs) that can be compressed to make you smaller (without killing you). You could subtract atoms from a persons body to shrink them, but doing this in a manner that would not kill them is not yet within our technology (you’d have to find a way to teleport the atoms, store them, then reinsert them when you are done).
You cannot shrink atoms because atoms’ sizes are determined by the fundamental forces of the universe (4 forces).
As for using a shrink ray on non-live objects, it might one day be possible. Its known that the matter at the center of neutron stars and other celestial objects have such a high density that a spoonful of the substance would way as much as a Mack truck (~12 tons). Undoubtedly, matter exists in this state in the star because of the very large amount of gravity compressing the matter. In this manner if you could make a machine/ray that alters the local gravity across an object, you could compress it, but the physical properties of the matter might change (of course this change would reverse [on average] on expansion). Thus you could shrink your object using gravity but there would be a risk of adjacent objects melding together under the extreme pressure and heat.
So basically Im saying that the way in which you design your ray gun would determine its potential applications. You could make a machine that shrinks by using vacuum to remove air, a machine that subtracts atoms, or a machine that alters gravity. Each will have its pros and cons.

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