It’s a mix up day ……   – highly recommend this blog – genius 🙂

A little sample for you:

Question 5: You say you wouldn’t so much as even kiss another girl, yet you seem to be in love with the taste of your vaginal fluids. How do you explain that you hussy?
You rarely meet a woman who doesn’t appreciate the taste of her own vadge. For example, let’s say you’re a guy and you’re with a woman at her house and the two of you are making out on her bed. And she’s just okay at it. She doesn’t visibly recoil and she parts her lips by about three millimeters when kissing to show you that she probably even has a tongue in there somewhere. So you figure that you’ll munch on her kitty to help enliven the mood. And you’re about ten minutes into it, you got your head trapped between her thighs and you’re visiting the place where cooties come from. And let’s be honest… it’s vaguely repugnant. About halfway through this oral ordeal, she grabs the back of your head and stuffs your nose inside her. Now you can’t breath. But just as you’re about to pass out, acting like the merciful Goddess that she is, she takes your face out of there and brings it to her mouth. Ahhh, air! But now that you’ve gone down on her, she’s actually into the kissing. In fact, she’s not so much kissing you at this point as she is trying to suck your face off. Your face smells like woman crotch, your face tastes like woman crotch, and she decides that for some reason now must be the time that she gets into the kissing. And you’re enjoying the make-out session, but you wonder, is she into me or she into herself? Even though it’s indisputable that she loves the taste of her crotch, she still says she’s not attracted to other women. If that’s the case, I’m going to assume this behavior stems from narcissism and not lesbianism. What do you think?”  – be warned this is only if you are prepared to give up a few minutes of your life that you can never – and i repeat never get back and feel the need to see girlie bits 🙂

A ranga joke a day keeps the doctor away!

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