Sparkling white………

So there i was in the shower this morning, relaxing under the warmth of the water flowing down over me, when a string of thoughts took over.
I have been using bicarb soda to clean the bathroom, as an alternative to chemical gunk, and i spied the box on top of the bathroom cabinet.
Then i started to admire what a great job it does keeping the bathroom clean which of course led me to thinking about how it can also be used as a tooth whitener. Such a useful product.
Of course, this led me to thinking about how you might be able to use it for anal bleaching. What if everytime you took a shower, you dabbed a little on and washed it off just before you got out?
Well, it all makes perfect sense doesn’t it?
So of course, in the name of science, i fully intend to run the experiment. My evil friend, the Rooster, suggests that if i experiment on myself i must include photos. Before and after.
No Logophile – no matter how perverted they are, deserves that – so i am putting out the call for volunteers – if you’d like to bleach natures exit hole in a non-aggressive, gentle way, let me know. I’ll even throw in a few boxes of bicarb as an incentive!
I will need photos, but i know many of you would be completely ok bearing your ring, so give it up.
x mp

2 thoughts on “Sparkling white………

  1. You know – for someone i've never met in person G6 – i have a deep and abiding love growing for you – you are a giver and i like that in a person 🙂 xxx mp

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