butter – dog – cunning – linguist

I haven’t checked for a while on the keyword activities that have been bringing the thousand or so peeps to the Logophile site for awhile – tonight i thought i might take a gander – and i was pleasantly surprised to see “joe the mangina” had slipped down a few pegs for a well earned rest.
I was very intrigued to see: “lirics monkey monkey cunnilinguist”  and “butter dog  cunnilingus” on board, however, that’s all i ever want to know about those word combinations.
Of course seeing “hairy anus” down there at the bottom, so to speak, has completely lifted my spirits – it’s almost bringing tears of joy – simply beautiful.
I have included the list for you to check out the company you keep here, Logophiles.
x mp

28.05% rude logophile

 9.76% alternative words for penis

 3.66% coitus

 3.66% http://www.joe the mangina man . com

 2.44% rude alternative words

 2.44% urban dictionary: mangina

 2.44% seamus McElleroonie

 2.44% pornofokker

 1.22% fart ventriloquist nixon

 1.22% felching gerbil

 1.22% ginger kids

 1.22% heather heron

 1.22% sex techniques definitions donkey punch

 1.22% butter dog  cunnilingus

 1.22% senslip

 1.22% lirics monkey monkey cunnilinguist

 1.22% joe the mangina

 1.22% rude dr suess

 1.22% alternative words for penises

 1.22% felching lesbian

 1.22% ginger ranga

 1.22% the incredibly rude logophile

 1.22% penis alternate words

 1.22% “cunt gap index”

 1.22% http://www.youporn.com/watch/28706

 1.22% senslip dealers

 1.22% i guess she’s married check out the ring

 1.22% An Irish farmer has just grown the first ever field of dildos, but he is having a  problem getting ri

 1.22% felching site:blogspot.

 1.22% rude pipes

 1.22% “anal sex” husband site:blogspot.com

 1.22% rude activities

 1.22% man felching woman

 1.22% http://www.themanginaman.com

 1.22% Felching is

 1.22% Logophil-Blog

 1.22% I Guess She’s married ??..check out the ring…….

 1.22% incredibly rude logophile seagull

 1.22% feminine gay guy filterui:imagesize-large

 1.22% lesbians felching

 1.22% guessshesmarried.com

 1.22% underage cp

 1.22% hymen hammer

 1.22% felching

 1.22% hairy anus


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