Come forth oh full moon………

So tomorrow is another amazing full moon
and it brings with it the promise of Uranus
in Aries – which is exciting because things
are likely to speed up a little.
I guess any time i get to type Uranus in anything
is rather exciting for me.

So i invited the girls over
for a little “full moon celebration”.

That’s me – top second from the left.
Nude up and dance like nobodies watching.
That’s always been my motto ðŸ™‚
Just remember, be careful what you wish for 🙂
x mp

3 thoughts on “Come forth oh full moon………

  1. Oh G6 – i have missed you – it's not really me dancing – i just thought it was a cool picture – i know they are no Gina Elise but they are having fun – x mp

  2. They are indeed not in Gina's class, but you remind me that there was a Fat Girl calendar around back in the early 70s.It was quite a novelty then to see someone that large and they were done with some humour as I recall. Nowadays of course it's an everyday event to see a back end that could sink the Titanic wobbling down the street in front of you.

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