The Lucky Shag….

I have been so sick with this cold over the past week
that i have hardly thought about sex, 
and that disturbs me immensely.
It’s my thing – it’s what i do – how i roll ……..
OMG – what if i lost my memory – and all the things
 that i love about sex – were gone – never to be found.
If i couldn’t remember what sex is – would i still get aroused?
Would i wonder what the hell was happening to my body?
Would i still be compelled to have crazee sex and then
 sit in a hazy fog recalling the dastardly deed and wonder just
what the hell happened?
You might well laugh Logophiles,
but it is very disconcerting to a connoisseur
 of fine shagging such as myself….. 
Things like THIS could happen.
Absolutely dreadful!
If i was going to have sex
in the public toilets at a footy match
and have 10 people cheering me on,
i’d bloody well want to remember it.
Fingers crossed of course,
that such an evil thing
never befalls me or any of you.
At least the above can never happen to me
no matter how long i go without a shag 🙂
x mp

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