Tights, Cape, Cod Piece…Check, Check, Check.

“The codpiece remained flat cloth for a number of years. While visiting England, Duke Fabrizio of Bologna, dressing hastily after a quick romantic interlude, used the flap to contain (or perhaps restrain) his nether parts while appearing before King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn.
Queen Anne, amused at the Italian’s conspicuous bulge, remarked “Be that thine codling or art thou glad to see me?” Of course, “codling” is 15th century English for either a “small, immature apple” or “any of several elongated greenish English cooking apples,” so we may never know if the Duke’s fruit was being ridiculed or complimented.
King Henry was very distressed by the whole business and assumed this bulge (from Middle French “boulge” meaning “leather bag” or “curved part”, or perhaps “curved part in a leather bag”) to be the latest Continental style in courtly fashions. He immediately ordered his codpieces padded in order that he not look out of date by comparison to Duke Fabrizio, commanding, “My codpieces must compare favorably to Bologna.” Those tailors, very literal-minded fellows all, envisioned pork sausages and thus began the whole size contest that continues to this day. ”


Nothing quite like a man in a codpiece.
Especially the Hassellhoffcod.
“Well that’s not a good idea, but that was close to reality, because my kids’ real mom, Shannon Tweed … was a former Playmate, … It’s tough for a very young child to explain to the other school kids ‘yeah, mom was on the cover of Playboy and dad’s this wacky rock star who has a talking codpiece and spits fire.”
Gene Simmons (KISS)
Hope you are having a fab weekend x mp

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