I’ve  been away from home for 5 days now and have been busy doing the tourist thing with my boys here in Sydney. 
My gift from this trip has been the realisation that even though i love what i do for a living, i have not been playing. I have certainly been enjoying myself, but not in a playful, free spirited way. The child-like joy of being free to look around and experience every moment.
This break has been like an epiphany pit stop.
The heightened awareness of every sense i possess feels amazing and i think it has lots to do with being back by the harbour and the sea – it’s restorative and soul comforting. I also love the city – it invigorates and inspires me – i am reminded that anything is possible – it’s the same feeling i’ve had since i was a child – absolute wonder and excitement.
So now to return home and include this in my every day living. I think perhaps to start with more regular meditations – soul spaces – creating the room needed to be playful and free spirited whilst honouring all the commitments that make up my every day world.
I’ll let you know how it goes…..

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