Darling Harbour Shame….

So as i mentioned in an earlier post,
the Ugg Boot thing here is very alive and well
and just to bring joy to my heart
 was the “Original Ugg Sale”
over at Darling Harbour yesterday.
Still don’t get it but so be it…

On the up side, there was a great section in the
Powerhouse Museum on space travel including suits
 and equipment and simulators.

I guess lots of people must be interested in how you evacuate
one’s bowels in space because there was a specific exhibit on this.
I took a photo for you just in case you might be interested too:

Small cup at the front for wee, big cup for solid waste matter
 and a sucking sensation to whisk the whole lot away……
Every day’s a school day huh?
Finally, here is a picture of me chilling on the ferry on Sydney Harbour.
I like this holiday stuff alot.
Hope you all manage to enjoy
 a sucking sensation yourselves
sometime today.
Signing out from sensational Sydney…
x mp

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