Yes, i do believe it’s all true too……

AWARENESS of the monkey conspiracy began in the summer of 1995. “Congo” was the nation’s #1 movie. In the months that followed, “Outbreak” followed suit. Then “Jumanji.” And so on. The insistent question: Why so many monkey movies? Jokes became serious reflection. Reflection became theory. Theory was verified and became fact. The result: this project.

The conspiracy is all around us. The theory starts with this basic premise: people like monkeys. We like to see them. Astutely picking up on this marketing goldmine, the media has shoved the simian down our throats, most of us unaware. Indeed, after reading this, you will undoubtedly begin to notice the mass manipulation you undergo daily. The media elite would lull you into their control by the use of the simian. The entertainment industry and its key players are the main perpetrators, but the conspiracy goes all the way to the top. A new world order is planned for all of us, and the means of lulling us into submission is the monkey.

It’s all around us, but most people don’t even notice the way the monkey has infiltrated the most basic aspects of our lives. The monkey is on television, MOST ALL of the movies you go to see, and in nearly every wide-distribution magazine you read. Put it to the test–pick up a magazine around the house. Chances are a simian is used somewhere within the magazine to either pitch a product or numb your mind.

Follow “the list” link at the left to view a list of movies you know and love. You’ll be shocked at the number of monkey references or appearances you’ve seen. And very well you should be shocked.

This Monkey Conspiracy Website, is dedicated to vindicating the public interest in knowing the truth. Great risks have been taken to expose this plan, and to build an underground resistance to it.

Do not turn a blind eye nor deaf ear!

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