It’s your birthday……

Sunday – Easter Sunday (April 4) is this most glamourous Monkeys birthday!

I am starting celebrations today, fuck it!

I normally have birthday month either side, but i’m a bit behind schedule. Still, now i can spend the whole of April celebrating my monkey magnificence. Please feel free to send presents – preferably shiny and pretty (you know the rules peeps) and well wishes and praise, thick deep praise. So deep i have to wade through it.

That’s all it takes to keep this simian content for another 12 months. So come on, hop to it. What cha got for me?

video embedded – visit blog if you can’t see it in email 🙂  x mp


10 thoughts on “It’s your birthday……

  1. many thanks for the kind wishes onnie – my life works in such a fashion that i immediately receive my just desserts so i will know what it is i deserve by the end of the weekend. hopefully i deserve a good shagging, frangelico shots and cigarettes in peace and quiet but i'll confirm or deny this after easter:) xxx mp

  2. Well, it's no Ile de la Cité but i did used to be quite fond of Kalamunda – repping days took me there after welshpool and midland -don't get jealous of my old life G6they were the glory days of working the industrial business pockets never to be repeated (unless god has a strange sense of humour)

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