We haven’t had a new word for a while and a friend recently shared this corker: It’s my easter gift to you my dear sweet Logophiles 🙂


This is a combo of gut and c(u)nt. The gunt is the huge layer of belly fat that hangs over the waist on morbidly obese women and covers the v(a)gina. If for some reason, someone would actually want to have sex with this woman, the gunt must be lifted up out of the way to expose the genitals.

i.e. Hey Tommy, I want to bag that fat woman at the bar….Well, I’ll be your wingman, I’ll be there with the jaws of life to move her gunt out of the way so you can work it.

6 thoughts on “Gunt

  1. I actually deserved that G6 – it's just that the first picture of blue waffles i happened upon has melted my retinas and i am typing this on my braille machine – harsh result for posting a few awful things on the interweb thingo. many thanks – x mp

  2. You silly silly chimp.Descriptions before pictures.Text before image.It's something I learnt working with internet-savvy kids, who are just looking for any opportunity to freak out their elders.(Remember Cleo magazine and the sealed sections? A hairdresser once scared the crap out of me with a photo of a wart-infested vag. Warts on top of warts. Looked like something that would crawl off a flying saucer.)

  3. Excellent G6 – in the back hole not the front hole huh? who knew such a thing…. maybe that will be my special me time gift for my birthday. Thankyou for your kind wishes. I will endeavour to engage in as much mischief as i possibly can.x mp

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