Oh Hot Butcher you will never know….

Ode to the Hot Butcher
(sung with a pining heart to the tune of Nikita by Elton John)

Hey Hot Butcher is it cold
In your little corner of the store
We could roll around the floor
And share your meat behind the coldroom door

Oh you treble my desire
With all your ham hocks in a row
With eyes that looked like chops on fire
My heart a captive in your barbies glow

Oh Hot Butcher you will never know
Anything about my home
I’ll never know how good it feels to hold you
Hot Butcher I need you so

Oh Hot Butcher is the other side
A meat cabinet on which to slide
Counting all the beef roasts in a row
Oh no, Hot Butcher you’ll never know

Do you ever dream of me
My blog posts do you ever see
When you look up across the shiny glass
Hot Butcher how i long to touch your ass

And if there ever comes a time
Kebabs i needed this to rhyme
And if you’d like to share your rump with me
I’d warm up your meat for free……..

video embedded visit site to watch if you can’t see it 🙂


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