I often wonder about the authenticity of soul mates. Lots of people including myself have put up with so much crap from partners because we convinced ourselves that they were our soul mates. It is a pretty nifty cop out for not taking responsibility for being in a relationship that isn’t supportive of our higher selves.
I read a great quote posted by Jacleen Allen on Facebook:
“A soul-mate is the one person whose love is powerful enough to motivate you to meet your soul, to do the emotional work of self-discovery, of awakening.” 
Kenny Loggins
Now that makes way more sense to me as a definition of soul mate.
A mate who lifts you up so your soul can fly, you can be the very most amazing you, someone who encourages you to walk your talk no matter what the outcome will be.
I understand that completely.
Why would a soul mate wear you down or continually involve you in dramas that distract you from your true purpose? I don’t think they would. So what are those partners?
Perhaps we recognise their souls. They feel comfortable and fit like gloves but it’s often because they allow us to remain in our comfort zones or confirm our negative self talk which has it’s own comfort factor.  
Do soul mates have to be romantic? I don’t think so. I think they come to us in lots of different forms. Best friends, family, mentors.. people who make a positive difference in our lives.
We all pass through the places we need to on our journeys and everyone we meet teaches us valuable lessons.  Each relationship we find ourselves in, spiritual, emotional, physical, gives us the opportunity to develop skills that will take us to the next part of our life purpose.
So it’s never wrong, but i wonder if sometimes we linger a little longer than we should.
Just saying…..

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