Think Ninja!

The Great Pirate-Ninja conflict

It is a proven fact that pirates and ninjas are polar opposites, thusly there is a theory that neither could get along very well with the other. This theory is proven by the fact that there is a war going on, as of this very second waged between both of these great forces.

It is rumored that the conflict between the two came about because of the story of Ninja God and Pirate God.

See  for the full story.


Why are all Dumb Pirate jokes one-liners?

So ninjas can understand AND remember them.

And my very favourite joke today!

What’s the difference between a Ninja and a monkey?

One is ugly and smelly and likes to throw things. The other is a monkey.

Have a great week Logophiles!
x MP


9 thoughts on “Think Ninja!

  1. I like playing with you G6 – you are funny, clever, talented and you keep coming back to my blog. Shintaro – wow that's a memory jogger. I find ninja's way more sexy than pirates by the way. just in case you were wondering…..

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