Another of those curious situations….

So today i lunched with the “Ladies Who Lunch”
at the most fabulous Restaurant 2 in Brisvegas.
It was wonderful from the canapes to the dessert.
Sensational and matched with wines to boot.
Which is of course much better than working anytime.
However, here is my question to you Logophiles:
When i went to micturate in the Ladies,
there was wee on the seat and a puddle on the floor
besides the toilet.
I am curious:
1. do you think one of the expensively clad ladies, figured
they might give it a go standing up and see where it landed?
2. Did we have a Hermaphrodite amongst us?
3. Was there a cross dresser in the crowd.
(Entirely possible given a quick scan of the crowd)
Something else to waste time pondering.
Let me know your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “Another of those curious situations….

  1. Cool vid Ford!Great point G6!and Shreiking don't be such a cunt! "i" obviously care or i wouldn't have asked the question would i?Glad you like micturate – always been a fave…..

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