Keys in a bowl anyone?

I consider myself fairly open minded. There are only a few things i believe people should ever be called to account for regarding sex and those are all non-consensual acts.
Something i cannot understand however, is swapping partners or swingers. I guess in my past, if i have constantly craved the attentions of another then i have taken that as a sign to exit the building and start again. I see it as me obviously not being into my partner anymore.
I can see the attraction of perhaps giving it a test run, but to become a committed swinger doesn’t add up to me.  Why not fly solo and fuck whoever you want? Is it a case of wanting your cake and eating it too? From my personal experience that cake quickly ends up as a soggy biscuit.
Surely watching your partner sucking someone elses cock or rodgering someone elses missus on a regular basis must weaken your reasons for being together. If your sex life is dependant on third parties either real or through pornographic media, then you are stretching aren’t you? You are just not that into it.
Do you lose a level of intimacy that helps long term relationships to go the distance? Is there another level of intimacy that i am unaware of? When people have discussed it in the past, there is always one less enthusiastic partner too.
Each to their own certainly, but i am yet to be convinced.

If you can enlighten me on this one feel free to comment so i can figure out what is missing from my equation. I understand the attraction to doing something “naughty” or “forbidden” but i don’t understand why as an adult you need to keep doing it unless you are avoiding the truth about your relationship. Or maybe i’ve completely missed the boat here (and not the little man in the boat either).

A great link to some related cool tunes:

Hope you have a swinging weekend Logophiles!
x MP

8 thoughts on “Keys in a bowl anyone?

  1. I always thought that keys in the bowl thing belonged to the 1970s. It was the Baby Boomers in their typically look-at-me style declaring that they wouldn't be bound by the strict conventions (or the hypocrisy) of their parents.And that foursome belongs on a card.Being Mormon, Frank could offer travelling salesmen a choice. 'Mavis hums Yankee Doodle Dandy during blowjobs, Bert,' he said. 'On the other hand, Edna's got the sweetest ass I've ever poked.'

  2. Well perhaps i did too G6 but in the past fortnight i have been informed about two swingers groups -a paid club and a local neighbourhood group. Apparently they are quite rampant which surprises me. Perhaps attitudes haven't really shifted too much in the last 30 years after all?

  3. Now you've got me thinking about the subject I recall that my boss of ten years ago – he who shall be known only as the Fucking Imbecile – found a story about 'sharing' (their term) in one of those UK papers that cobble up the week's stories for expats. His interest seemed more than academic. But his wife co-managed the enterprise and was sitting there in the office with us.My guess is that he was keen to try it but didn't have the nerve to say so. Lucky me, as a career single I don't have those problems. Club 316 when I have the money, internet porn when I don't.

  4. I am very happy to see G6 that club 316 "is a world class gentlemen's club". I wouldn't want any of the logophiles slumming it you know! What would we do without internet porn? i'd be quite bored and probably have to work more which is quite a depressing thought really. For those who would like more information:

  5. Can't say that i was all too familiar with where the boys went G6 – heard stories of visits but not details. Now i am older and so much more sophisticated i am fully aware of many such fine establishments. A great service to the community they provide too. Love and Rockets is the biggy over here in brisvegas. i see the ads everywhere and drive past everyday.

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