Don’t say that I don’t give you guys stuff!

Well, here it is, the official guide to understanding the way of the woman. Not having revolting, womanly, moody, crapola, bullshit moods, i struggle to exercise patience with my fellow womenfolk when they are being complete C.U.N.T.S. because of their hormones.

However, having been pregnant twice with monkeypants jr. 1 and 2, i did for the first time ever experience the hormonal surges that produce temporary insanity, so i do get it a little.

Still i loathe it and have complete and utter sympathy for the lads who are suffering through it with their partners. So here is a handy little index for you to help you through those dark and stormy days.

If you can’t figure out the chart then i could sell you a copy of my newest publication:

and if you are just a lazy pathetic bastard who doesn’t really care (which by the way i pass no judgement on), then this is probably the best you’re gonna get!


I can only work with what i’ve got and if you aren’t holding up your end of the bargain, then i can’t save you all! Try as i might with my handy hints for relationship bliss, at the end of the day you gotta put down the:

and pay more attention.

I know it’s a big job i’ve taken on, but i live and breath by the mantra below and it calms my nerves every time. Feel free to borrow it for yourselves.

Have a fantastic, bitch slapping kinda week Logophiles – x MP


7 thoughts on “Don’t say that I don’t give you guys stuff!

  1. Bahaha – read that as "i bow down before your pants" and i was thinking that my feelings for you suddenly intensified! I still think fondly of you however, somfing or not…. i'm not completely self indulgent.

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