Most of my notes are gentle because i genuinely  believe that our spirits deserve respect and acknowledgement for the inherent understanding of life that we all have.

I am convinced that lifting people up so they can see over and beyond themselves and their concerns is a more effective way to inspire positive change than through further angst or shaming or negativity.

This year i keep hearing “get over yourself” and “walk your talk” and they go hand in hand. We have never, ever had a better opportunity for any one person to have a bigger impact on the wellbeing of the world than right now.

Every advance in technology has allowed us to grow these incredible groups of global like-minded friends that we can be in touch with simultaneously. The energy and vibration of positivity i feel in my world is amazing.
So right now is our chance to be our truest selves and do the work we know in our hearts that we have been given the opportunity to do. Whatever your plans, big or small, the whole world now needs individuals to stand up and be counted. Be the change you want to see. One person quickly becomes a caring group and as it develops momentum by encouraging others to be brave we see a movement building in our communities and whole societies.


But it starts with one person who holds tight to their conviction or passion or dream.
Why not be that person in your world? If you can’t get over yourself and your stuff, then find someone to help you, but get going. Make it happen. See it happening in your mind and hold onto that as you pass through the waves along the way. It most likely won’t be easy but it will be invigorating and energizing and exhilarating and remind of you of what truly being alive is all about.
If doing it for yourself is not enough, then focus on someone else that you would go to bat for. But do it now. Someone, somewhere in this world is waiting for you to step up to change their life for the better šŸ™‚

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