Watch the farking road…..

I think that individuals who drive
 and don’t use a hands free
mobile phone are becoming
 the new scourge
of society.

They are assuming the position
at the place previously
held for bogans,
full of loathing and
(or maybe that was just me?)
My personal favourites so far this year have been:
1. a truckie taking an unbelievably
 tight corner in a semi trailer
 whilst continuing his chat
and holding a cigarette
 in the other hand
2. The police officer driving with one hand
on the wheel whilst once again
taking a corner and chatting on the phone.
3. The “P” plater driver chatting away on their
phone whilst driving and negotiating their way
through peak hour traffic.
That’s all – whinge over thanks!

4 thoughts on “Watch the farking road…..

  1. In my neighourhood it's mothers behind the wheel of an SUV, and more often than not with a few kids on board.And they think that's a safer ride home than the bus.Cunts (seems appropriate for some reason).

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