Naked cartwheels in public prove costly

Vanessa Schmitt From:  February 17, 2010 8:23AM
DOING cartwheels while naked in front of the Stage Door Bar & Brasserie last month cost two men $200 each when they appeared in Mandurah Magistrates Court yesterday.
Kayne John Ottley, 24, of Halls Head, and Daniel Robert Morath, 20, of Bridgetown, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour in public.

So although “One in the stinker” has already capitivated me as the golden comment so far for 2010, i’m thinking this story has all the elements of finery that can win me over as tale of the year.
A couple of key points that appeal to me:
1. they were good ol’ boys from Bridgetown  – one of the towns of my school holiday memories where we used to visit relatives – the other regular hotspot was Bunbury for a few weeks every year.
2. they were in Mandurah which despite being Australia’s own “Venice” is still a kind of short term charming country seaside town if you ignore the wankeurs.(My dad retired there over 20 years ago and used to love it)
3. they were doing “naked cartwheels” in front of a restaurant. That’s gold peeps. Better than anything i have glanced at in the winter olympics so far.  
Well done boys! That visual is gonna keep me chuckling for quite some time.

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