Excellent Advice

I was reading through a site that led to a site and came across this great article on one of my personal favourite topics – eating out.

The advise is all good – will be certain to help out many who read it, but one particular comment made me laugh. Lots of the usual bravado in the replies about how good the men all are already however, Mr Florida excelled himself:

6/22/09, 10:22:am

all you gotta do….is find that lil man in the canoe and go to work…suck…lick…nibble…soft bites….have em crawling up the bed. a lil finger action….in and out…maybe put one in the   stinker…..I’m a Cunning lingus EXPERT!!!

I think one in the stinker is the quote of the year so far.
You’d have to be reaching for Gold to beat that and it’s only February.

3 thoughts on “Excellent Advice

  1. is there a man out there that doesn't think he's an expert?"no, sorry love, I'm not very good at it and you'd only be disappointed."I think the Florida guy is describing the 'bowling ball' technique

  2. what would the sextalk code for that be skink? " wanna go bowling tonite, honey?"too funnee. i'm gonna start using it with senor monkeypants and see what happens…. i shall report back on my progress but not in a britney spears kinda way:)

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