And More On Extreme Sports…..

The Genius that is Skink very kindly offered up these fabulous pictures
 to add to our extreme fisting festival.

What else would you rather be looking at on a lazy Sunday?
That was a rhetorical question by the way, i don’t want to know where your
twisted internet searches take you unless you will let me blog about it.
Here are some of my search results for you to peruse: – interesting.
My personal favourite is:
It’s sexuality according to the word of God and confirms
through biblical reference that fisting is a healthy part of a loving relationship.

 Who knew?

A Christian threesome is also morally acceptable
if you adhere to specific criteria. With so much more to answer
all of your lifelong questions, it’s definitely worth a visit.


Uhuh! So that’s how you take one for the team!

Not quite the threesome the Sex in Christ folks were referring too?


“Over here goddamn it! I’m ready right now!
Why is everyone getting a go before me?”

Some positive promotion for your cause never goes astray!

Obviously just the warm up phase. She looks fairly focussed though.
Could be an intense session….

Thanks again Skink and

fist away Logophiles
because if it’s ok with God,
then surely you should at least give it a whirl.

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