"A woman across the way, hangs her foul underwear on the clothesline… sometimes when wind kicks up, it rips the poles out of the ground… "

Yesterday as i hopped out of the car i had to discreetly pull my knickers out of my arse. They had managed to go where they shouldn’t on the longish drive and not removing them would have meant a truly uncomfortable stroll ahead.
How does one yank at their knickers discreetly? I don’t know. After 40 years of underpant wearing i still haven’t mastered any stealth panty picking. All you can hope for is the opportunity to do it behind the car door before you start walking.
I guess there are plenty of people completely comfortable with fabric up their arsecrack.
See case in point here:
Apparently according to the crew over at insta-ass a lot of that bunching up has to do with wearing granny panties. You can read more of their fascinating site here:COMPENSATE for missing ass by using “INSTA-ASS” (TANGA) PANTIES
I was wearing boy leg panties, meaning no go on the granny pant theory. Then i began pondering  this matter with regard to males. Do you guys have this issue? I don’t often see men depantsing. Plenty of nut scratching but little depantsing. Then i thought, if men happily walk about scratching the old meat and two veg in clear view without fear of reprise, why do women worry? So many questions. 

So, tell me all. Is it exlusively female behaviour? I await your replies with intense fascination.

P.s. A word to the wise: do not sniff your fingers after you have scratched your genitals. This officially crosses the lines of any form of acceptable behaviour no matter which sex you are.



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