Out Of This, Can Come Anything…

by Rok Sivante

Out of anxiety,
can rise confidence;
from the depths of our worst imaginings,
may we discover inner reserves of strength,
should we be willing to face the discomfort
and own our shadows…

In the depressions,
could surface peace;
summoned in the breadth of our darkest nights,
might we claim eternal stocks of power,
if only we be open to confront the dis-ease
and accept our weakness…

Beyond the conditions of the now,
lies a field of infinite possibility –

in which the transmutation of our demons
may reveal angels of good fortune,
lifting our burdens
to clear way for the blessings…

in which the trials of our character
may produce clarity in self-knowledge,
shattering our delusions
to make room for the outgrowth
of our higher selves…

in which the cessation of the past
may invoke possession by pure Life Force,
removing our obstructive judgements
to guide our ascent to enlightenment…

Who are we,
to believe we know what is best,
when the world-views we’ve clung to
have only resulted in our suffering;
when the lifestyles we’ve chosen
have only produced greater disconnection;
when the attitudes we’ve expressed
have failed us time and time again…

Who are we,
to think we understand right and wrong,
when the judgements we’ve held close
have only perpetuated our conflicts;
when the condemnations we’ve decided upon
have only generated increased tensions;
when the opinions we’ve imposed
have disempowered other to all our loss…

As the world burns,
so our spirit cries –
our brothers’ and sisters’ pain
but a projection of our own;
seeking intervention and justice,
though neglecting the inner child,
short, attempts fallen,
chaos continues…

As out light shines,
so the world brightens –
our collective awakening,
but the macrocosm of our small,
healing, fragmented wholes;
creating peace and integration
through collaboration with each others’ Gods,
sustainably, success built,
order prevails…

In the psyche’s pits and trenches,
the seemingly horrific shades of emotion
cutting us off from joy,
lay the seeds of transgression;
our greatest days ahead,
should we nurture them with faith –
the framework of a glorious garden
emerging with the dominance
of our will to persist…

Not in action,
will the “answers” be found
in these times of testing,
but in retreat –
into the silence of the soul,
wherein the courage remains,
putting rest to the worries
of our imperfect days…

Not in movement,
will the foundation of success be built
in our moment of breakdown,
but in stillness –
from the calm of our heart,
wherein the power resides,
overcoming all petty challenges,
time’s inevitable ebbs,
giving way to flow again…

As the mind races,
so our whole scatters –
our emotional upheaval
but a whirlwind
of thoughts gotten out of control;
balancing imagination and practicality,
in the ethereal realms,
creativity craving form,
restlessness prolonged…

As the breath deepens,
so our being purifies –
our communal reintegration,
but a consequence of our individual
rejuvenation and integrity’s regeneration;
bringing harmony and progression,
with resolve to transcend turmoil,
quietly, struggle ceases…

Out of frustration,
can rise clarity;
from our battles with the demons of impatience,
may we discover infinite stores of grace,
should we be accepting of both polarities
and claim our dual nature…

In the hollows,
could materialize certainty;
invoked by the intensity of our most difficult moments,
might trust in its every form be ours,
if only doing right in allowing its opposite
and ending our resistance…

May our hardest hours
be the gateway to the brightest light;
through the sludge of mental pollution
we gain sight of greener pastures,
stepping forward to bask in the glory
of limitless prosperity…

May our dire days
be the precursor to the wondrous freedom of expression;
through the valleys of spiritual confusion
we collect the wisdom to create sweeter feats for the soul,
marching ahead to taste the victory
of detachment from the ego’s suffering…

Let us create the space…
for leaders and visionaries,
whose tones of powerful influence
may add harmony and rhythm to our melodies,
chanting the formulas for alchemy…

for greater possibilities,
in which our enemies – outer and inner –
may be befriended and partners in
channeling faith into the building of sustainable wealth…

for more interpretations,
whose contrasting shades may color our reality,
breathing hope into the forgotten corners of community…

for strength and flexibility,
with which the insights of our guides may be followed,
opening humbly to the collaboration with a higher power…

Out of this,
can come anything…

You can find more great stuff from Rok at http://roksivante.com/

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