Manifesting a full, abundant life is your birthright! You deserve unlimited riches and grace beyond measure.

People often use the word wealth to denote monetary success, but wealth comes in many different forms.Why is it important to expand our consciousness beyond the limitations of ego? Because without opening to an expanded space of knowledge, and without this humility that brings an awareness of our true greatness even as it removes our egocentricity- without all this- we lose the great wealth that is our birthright!

We often equate the word “wealth” with material possessions. We believe that a wealthy person is one who owns lots of things. We believe that the “wealthy” control assets, have a great deal of money, and purchase what they want with little consideration of cost. When we say people are not wealthy, we usually mean they have few possessions, little money, low income, and mountains of debt. They purchase with bargain coupons, shop sales, and buy the generic. This is the commonly held view of wealth. Certainly, money and possessions are an aspect of wealth, but it is far, far more. Such a limited view actually will inhibit only the flow of wealth into YOUR life. Now is the time to expand your belief systems and recognize the true meaning of wealth!

In actuality, when people feel poor, it is their feelings, thoughts, and expectations that create their reality. They bring sad, negative feelings of failure, of lack, of low self esteem, of unfulfilled desires, and of being poor providers into their consciousness. This level of consciousness keeps them stuck. To be in the flow of wealth and abundance, one must bring an expanded awareness of the many forms of abundance available in life. To have wealth, it’s critical that we expand our definition and emotional attachments to wealth in a broader, more spiritual way. We have to notice the abundance of nature, of the earth, of our own Self, and of our creation. Only then we can have authentic wealth, riches, extravagance, unlimited resources, infinite potential, and fun.

Wealth is your birthright. You can expect it as a quality of life.

When you understand that money is simply one form of the tremendous force known as abundance or wealth, and that you can always receive riches from our ever-giving Universe, it becomes easier to let go of any negative, limiting feelings about money! It also makes it easier to release the destructive belief that material wealth is more important than other manifestations of abundance. Ask yourself how much money you would take in exchange for your eyesight and your abundant health. How much would someone have to pay you for you to give up your relationship with the people you love most in your life? I imagine that your health, your eyesight, and the people you love are far too precious to trade for any amount of money.

If what you receive isn’t money, make a conscious effort to open yourself up to it with gratitude and joy, anyway. Allow your creativity to flourish and discover new ways to convert the abundance into the form you could most use right now. Unfortunately, love, wisdom and knowledge are types of abundance that we often overlook. With awareness, we can learn to passionately embrace those divine gifts of spirit and recognize their authentic power in our lives.

As we reflect on our beliefs about money and choose to only reinforce the beliefs that will add to our well being, we embrace our role as co-creators of our lives. When we resist the materialistic notions of our society that involve getting, accumulating, and consuming things and instead choose to feel content with what we already have, we will know and experience the true meaning of wealth.

Wishing you a beautiful day….
Much love,

Warmest Regards,
Cari LaGrange Murphy
Best-Selling Author/Radio Host

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