“Gratitude is a virtue of the highest excellence, as it implies a feeling and generous heart, and a proper sense of responsibility.” 
 Noah Webster
Since returning from a stint of travel back in 2002, I have been very much focussed on the principles of gratitude and humility. 
When i looked at the people i deeply admired, these were the two most prominent qualities they exhibited.  Amongst a myriad of other attributes, obviously, but these would come shining through every time, loud and clear.
I wrote, albeit somewhat incoherently, about this subject for the One Page Wisdom Project late last year. It was a jumbled essay of sorts but it was my first real attempt at working with these two words that roll around in my mind on a daily basis.
I truly believe that when we live by the principles of gratitude and humility, we are living in love. They define love in a way that nothing else can. The giving and receiving, the yin and yang, the to and fro on the waves of love. It is a much more enjoyable ride when it is perceived as love in action.

Meek: humble in spirit or manner

As a younger church going teenager, i was always annoyed with the biblical statement,” and the meek shall inherit the earth”. Now with an extra 20 years of life experience, i have figured meek to be grateful and humble. It makes sense. Meek is not insipid or meaningless. It is exercising humility and gratitude. No need to be causing a ruckus when you can stand strong in your own light.
Gratitude and humility. Both go a long way toward contentment. They also provide happiness. You don’t wait to be happy to be grateful,  because being grateful brings you happiness. Life is suddenly not your enemy. People are not your enemy.  

What a wonderful state to find yourself in. Grateful and humble.



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