The Love Jar

This is such a lovely idea and an incredible Valentines gift that has some real meaning.

Couples individually write out an agreed upon number of “requests” or “ideas” that would make them feel loved or special. Put them in a jar (you can dress it up or not) and once a week each spouse draws from the other spouses ideas and does it sometime that week.

Some couples write 52 ideas, one a week with enough for a year, others write 4 or 5 at a time.

The gist is that you write out  ideas of things that would make you feel special; fold up your papers (2 separate colors) and then each week you draw your partners color and they draw yours.

You can obviously set some parameters like the length of request or how much can be spent. Try to keep it simple yet fun and nurturing.

I love this idea because it gives you a way to do something special for your partner in a language they understand. It is also great because it’s reciprocal and both partners are being nurtured and recognised.

The inside of the jar is filled with a bunch of little paper hearts or momentos that complete the sentence “I love you because….”, with reasons about why you love that person.

Some suggestions were:

Skittles: You are the gold at the end of my rainbow.

Band-aid: Because I trust you to help me heal all my wounds.

Cotton balls: For how cozy and soft your skin feels against mine.

Toothpick: I wouldn’t pick anyone else.

• Rubber band: For how flexible and understanding you are.

Lucky penny: How lucky I was to find you.

Mirror: Because you help me see the real me.

Seeds: Because I look forward to growing old with you.

Chapstick: For all the making-out we haven’t done yet.

• Popcorn kernels: For how often you pop into my mind.

Polaroid of you laughing or with a huge smile: In case you need a reminder of how happy you make me.

Relationship wellness is crucial to so many parts of the balance in our lives.

Why not spend time creating a positive, healthy relationship.

What you focus on is what you get, so get cracking on that jar!

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