It’s a little Rodney Rude without any rude…….

1. Popping to the shops and getting out of the car, shutting the car door behind you only to realize the keys are still in the ignition and you have locked yourself out. Fuck!

2. Finding a recipe, writing down all the ingredients, haul assing to the shops to buy them all, and only when you get home and start to make it realizing that you have run out of something you thought you had plenty of. For some reason it’s always a fucking egg. One fucking egg. Fuck!

3. Having a shower, getting out and realizing there are no clean towels in the house. Anywhere. Fuck!!

4. Going to the toilet, finding there is no toilet paper, and then realizing that there actually is some…..but it’s downstairs in the store room. Fuck!

5. Going to print something, realizing you are out of paper, reloading the paper, only to now find that you are totally out of ink. Even magenta is out. Fuck!

6. When you are aching for a cigarette and can’t find a lighter. Fuck! Same goes for snapping your last cigarette as your about to light it. Fucking hell!

7. Setting your alarm on your phone before you go to bed, only to have your phone die in the middle of the night and you sleep in. Fuck!

8. Getting sick on the first day of your holiday. Fuuuuuuck! Same goes for spraining your ankle the day before your holiday. Fuuuuuuuuckk!

9. Shampooing your hair and then finding you have no conditioner. Your hair now looks worse than it did before. Fuck.

10. Walking to the bus, to only miss it by seconds. So you walk to the next closest bus stop to catch a different bus, only to miss that too as you took too long to walk there. So then you walk back to the first bus stop and in the time it has taken to walk back, you have missed the next bus again. FUUCK!


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