The Real Lady GaGa

“Poker face—A little gambling is fun when your with me…I’ll get him hot, show him what I’ve got….Cause I’m bluffin’ with my muffin…poker face”.

– Lady GaGa lyrics

Because of the business world i inhabit i am often forwarded information regarding “The New World Order”. Now apparently Lady GaGa is a part of the process and she worships Satan.

I know that her music can be awful but that’s just a little harsh i think. Thanks Ford Fairlane – you are the bomb. You’re not a Satan worshipper are you?

I have included a few snippets from the article and the link if you want to read it in full is at the bottom.

This is “Lady GaGa”

It’s time to examine the satanic Illuminati-Controlled Propaganda Machine called the Music Entertainment Industry.

It is said that music is the sound of the soul. Music influences young and old alike, and it shapes what we call culture in our society today. We can honestly say that the music of today is dark in nature and getting darker every year, and there is a reason for that.
-With that in mind, let’s take a look at exactly what is going on in this industry, and clarify what message this industry is sending to our society, and how it pertains to the overall agenda of the so called Illuminati satanists who are rushing towards a One World Global Dictatorship.

From this examination we will gain further insight into what these Illuminati satanists have in mind when they talk about their coming “New World Order”

-A true satanic whore/puppet of the Illuminati, who sold her soul for fame, and is now using that fame to corrupt the impressionable youth of today with her blatantly satanic-spiritual music.

In other words these music industry “artists/musicians”, these Illuminati satanists, sold out their fellow man for profits. Lady GaGa is a traitor to our Lord and the entire human species, along with her puppet masters in the Illuminati, who themselves are being deceived by Satan himself.

It is blatantly obvious that Lady GaGa has been fully indoctrinated into the satanic science of Mind Manipulation By Psychological Programming as dictated by the Mk ultra series of systems.

If you look closely you will never look at things the same again.
I mean, as a whole, this is some really creepy shit, but this is what these people are pushing on our society today, and unless we educate ourselves to their manipulation of the masses we will share the fate of billions of people that this satanic society is planning on exterminating.
Welcome to the Illuminati “New World Order”

6 thoughts on “The Real Lady GaGa

  1. yep it is eminem. he looks kinda mortified huh? there is so much debate about lady gaga's gender which i am sure she loves – all publicity is good publicity as they say. very manly looking in these photos and yet other times she looks so glamourous – but i guess so does rue paul. who will ever know?

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