Messing with Harry Potter

This is from a group on facebook called:
The hilarity of Harry Potter quotes when changing “wand” to “willy”,
Because i have a sense of humour equal to that of a 12 year old boy it cracks me up. So here are a few fun ones. I have reposted the harry poster from late last year – excuse my indulgence yet again.
Draco took his willy out and said to Harry “Scared Potter?”
“you wish” said Harry and pulled out his willy…Draco got startled when he saw Harry’s willy as he knew that with his willy, he can perform some awesome magic…Before you know it a battle was raging through the hall as they were swinging around their willys …

1. Harry looked down at his own willy. He could see fingermarks all over it. He gathered a fistful of robe from his knee, and tried to rub it clean surreptitiously. Several gold sparks shot out of the end of it. Fleur Delacour gave him a very patronis…ing look, and he desisted.
2. He thrust his willy out and stood scowling, with his hands in the pockets of his robes.

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