Life is happening – So Let it!

Quite literally everything we know just happens. We can of course pretend for a while to be the doer of all of the happenings in our personal life, but if you look closely to each moment anew, with an open mind, a fresh perception, then you will see how everything that happens, literally does just that: It happens.

Even when we believe ourselves to be the doer of something, even when we are in the very act of doing something using our thought/intention and body, if we become aware of it in that moment, we will see how even that which we call ‘doing’ is simply happening as an effortlessly appearing phenomenal process. There is no effort in any appearance of Life. Life does not know effort. Life simply happens naturally and effortlessly. Effort is that which we mentally ‘feel’ when we believe ourselves to be the doer of our lives.

The Relationship between Doership and the Personal Identity

Whenever we identify with a thought about who we are, we automatically become the doer of the process at hand. Or so we believe/sense. The personal Identity and the sense of being the doer, are essentially one and the same illusion; a mere thought-projection. Both the sense of being a somebody and the sense of being the doer, will naturally resolve in Awareness.

‘Resolve in Awareness’ simply means that both senses will be seen to be simply non-existent; we will see how it’s merely a sense derived from our belief/though-process. So in actuality, there isn’t even something real that needs to resolve, it’s pure fiction in the first place and that is simply how we see it from awareness/being. All that arises, is immediately free and resolved as being pure awareness already!

Awareness Has no Obstacles

There has never been any obstacle to free awareness/You. The personal identity as well as the sense of doership are no obstacles either, because both can be known to arise in free awareness right now… And all that we can be aware of, including our thoughts about obstacles or our sensations of being or doing, can not be an obstacle for awareness, for what is aware of them? And is that awareness which is aware of them in any way imprisoned by these mere ideas/sensations that appear within awareness’s perception?

You see… Awareness is forever beyond anything that ever appears within it’s perception. It’s always present as the incorruptible knower of all perceptions; and perceptions themselves, are nothing other than awareness. So there is only the One Knower, expressing itself within its own Unity as seeming forms. All is free from the get-go! No need to alter, change, suppress or get rid of anything that you feel you are, nor is there any need to acquire, achieve, create or hope for in order to realize that you are That One. Simply know all these sensations of ‘being someone, doing something, going somewhere’ to arise as already free ideas within changeless, motionless awareness!

Let Life Happen Effortlessly by Itself

We can just relax. Really friends, all we could ever really do is relax! We were just taught, raised and self-educated to believe ourselves to be the doer, manager and arranger of everything. While I am certainly not suggesting that responsibility is a myth to be dismissed or that we should never ‘do’ anything, we can just relax while life, including doing, our mind and our body, plays it’s game. Simply know, throughout all doership, the free, open, spacious nature of all that arises to be effortlessly present.

Even when we are performing with our minds and bodies a certain task, that’s all perfectly happening as one with life itself, without effort. It’s only our thoughts about that which we are doing that may tell us effort exists or that tell us that ‘we’ are actually ‘doing’ it. But these thoughts too, arise and dissolve effortlessly as sky-like appearances within sky-like awareness. Allow all ‘doing’ to be happening by itself, even while actively engaged and focused. While in a state of doing actively, simply notice how that state of mind which is focused and performing something or creating something, too is an effortless happening within awareness. It just all happens by itself without intervention or obstruction! Even seeming obstruction appears, evolves and disappears effortlessly!

The Effortless Result

Repeatedly, throughout your day, Know your sense of self, with all its thoughts and emotions as they arise continuously, to arise effortlessly without your help and attachment. Again and again take a moment to let life happen all by itself. Simply become aware of whatever situation is ongoing in your perception at that particular time, and know this situation to happen without any doing or effort in it. It just happens.

Life takes care of itself just fine, it doesn’t need your belief in the sense of you being a doer. It has taken care of itself perfectly fine for timeless eternity and will continue to do so for timeless eternity. You can just rest with and as whatever unfold by itself. Don’t feel responsible for everything that happens by reflecting everything back upon a fictitious sense of ‘me’, That’s all just a guilt-play of thoughts and senses of ‘me.’ See that even this sense of being someone who is responsible for whatever he does/thinks/happens etc. arises/happens effortlessly as well! There is no rigidity or doing anywhere, there is no solid individual nature to be found in anyone or anything. All is the One Life taking care of itself.

From knowingly Being beyond, yet intrinsically one, as whatever effortlessly appears as Life itself, arises an unconditional Freedom, Wisdom and Compassion to go with the flow and it provides you with the best tools to be the best doer you can be! Sounds like a paradox, right? Well the more you become rested as you are, the more you will encounter seeming paradoxes when explained in words, that you will know to be of One Wisdom beyond explanations. Realize you are not the doer; let life happen by itself while not abandoning any doing as an act, and your actions will free themselves and become direct expressions of your realized freedom.

All is simply happening, see for yourself that nothing is ever ‘done’ as such. Knowing this, let it happen again and again until all moments are naturally seen to be effortlessly happening.

With Love,


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