Five A Day?

I copped an eyeful of some lovely sorts giving themselves a seeing to with various fruits and veg recently and i was between amused and fascinated. I guess it is the oldest form of substitution.

I found this question and answer session on a blog somewhere in cyberspace: is her habit sick?

who knows. you tell me……


I have a friend who told me she likes to masturbate so much. I realized she is doing that all the time, and I was surprised with this fact. I also masturbate, but that is maybe few times a week, which is normal as I think. However, she said she is doing it few times a day using more help beside her fingers. She said she is masturbating with vegetables, which I found disgusting. Can you tell me more about this, could it be consider as sick habit?

Posted: 02/16/06 – 15:24

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I have to say I understand both you and your friend. When I first watch porn where woman masturbated with banana, I was thinking that is disgusting. I was talking to my friend who admitted that is not as terrible as it seems. Then she wanted to show me how it could be nice, so we done it together. I have to tell you it could be so much fun in masturbating with vegetables, and you have wide choice. You could choose banana, carrot or anything you might find as satisfy shape for you. I asked her how safe it could be, so she said it is the best to put condom on it, just to be sure that is nothing going to happen. After this, I found it better if I use some lubrication, which helps simulate natural intercourse. I realized that without it, direct rubbing or other stimulation is more likely to chafe and irritate than to pleasure me. Now I like to use some vegetable when I am masturbating, since I cannot afford vibrator to myself.


4 thoughts on “Five A Day?

  1. yep, that's definitely one of those ahah! moments reading that article skinkaroo. interesting how many women would be aware that men look at porn so regularly. lots of my friends would be shocked i think.i as you can imagine am not surprised – thank you for pointing it out. and as for you "big o" what if you get a seed stuck in your knob eye?1. does that not happen or 2. you couldn't care less cos the rockie feels sensational? would make your man stick taste like fruit salad. i'm liking it:)

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