Damn Friday Night Bourbons

During last weeks Friday night bourbon gathering was a discussion of my impending jaunt to for the younger monkey brothers big four oh birthday this weekend. Whilst admiring my nifty camera work on my mobile phone the conversation naturally led to a dare. How unusual!

I have taken up the quest to return with no less than 7 photos of pork swords/quim stakes/whore pipes. I have no idea how this will occur however i am not alarmed nor concerned about failing my dare obligations as most chaps i know would quite proudly exhibit their member for photo op’s. So bring it on! I’m looking forward to the challenge.


3 thoughts on “Damn Friday Night Bourbons

  1. seven? why seven, exactly?seems an odd numbera reference to the Seven Dwarfs?do you hope to wake up feeling Happy?and are those photos to be on the flop or saluting the flag?

  2. hello skinkinator, well it was just a number plucked from the butt of my friend, however upon consultation with another friend today we have decided to make it 12 upright members so we can make a calendar and retail on it the site. We are also thinking about some other items that might be very popular with the ladeeeez and or men of course being non discriminatory as i am. Were you wanting to volunteer your man stick for an opportunity of anonymous fame? I only have 11 months left to fill….x mp

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