What’s the meaning of your name?

I thought it might be fun to google “monkeypants” and see what came up. I was pleasantly surprised to find two definitions on my old friend, the urban dictionary. So without further ado…..

1. monkey pants
When you make a pair of trousers out of monkey fur. Usually worn by caucasian people trying to immitate persians…

e.g.Yo, that guy’s not a persian, he’s just wearing motha fuckin’ monkey pants… (proceed to jump out of Escalade and give white guy the old 20 to 1)
e.g.Hey Bobby have you ever noticed that Persian people look like they’re wearing pants made of Monkey Fur?
2. monkey pants
After having shit your pants and walked around in them, allowing the shit to harden on your pants creates monkey pants.

e.g. Billy’s monkey pants were making him walk funny. Joe had chaff marks on his leg from his monkey pants.
e.g. Susie crapped in her new blue jeans, therefore turning them into monkey pants.

Now, please let me say before you ask, no i do not shit my pants. not lately anyways. I also attempt to limit any muff fluff so i do not look like i am wearing pants made of monkey fur. i have found it is not a particularly popular look on the beach.

so there you go. what a pleasant surprise. every day is a school day!

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