Cunt Badgers – Explains many things…..

I’ve often heard men speak of such frightening things! They say some of the lassies have teeth down there. Now there is proof – once again from that masterful beast the urban Fear not brave chaps. You must never give up hope.

Cunt Badger
A Badger which lives in a cunt, the Cunt Badger is rare species of badger which is not talked about often due to the huge controversy surrounding them. Once lodged inside ones cunt, a cunt badger is notoriously hard to remove. normally by gassing or by poison.

Cunt Badgers are famed for there passionate defense of their homes wielding sharp claws and its teeth to attack anything deemed predatory to its cunt. Often men have lost their entire penis to a cunt badger while trying to commit sexual acts. Cunt badgers often retaliate violently to the use of tampons.

A Cunt badger has beneficial traits not often talked about once lodged inside a cunt it will begin a gruelling cleaning operation leaving ones cunt fresh and clean.

“you sir…are a cunt badger” as an insult
“Argh i’ve got a cunt badger” as a medical complaint
“Cunt Badgers!!!” a cry of desperation


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