Chubby Chasers

I really need to get to bed before 1am or only badness presents itself on late night t.v.

Topic of interest last night was “chubby chasers“. Given i am not a shrinking violet i may even fall into this category as the “chased” but i am not sure on how chubby one needs to be to qualify. Perhaps i better start beefing up….(i just discovered that could actually be referred to as a chunky monkey! Most appropriate given i am monkeypants)

Interesting tale from a friend on Friday night over dinner about a doco on men who like their ladeeeze “LARGE”.
The husband said he was “growing” his partner. She was already over 350 lbs? Wrong dotcom. Messed up and ever so slightly co-dependant.

A person of any sexuality who is attracted to another person who is overweight. Similar to chunky monkey.

Tom is a chubby chaser, he only really wants heavy women. Andy, also a chubby chaser, is only into overweight guys. His sister shares these desires, so they love to go checking out guys together

noun: the object of a chubby chaser‘s affection.
Never refer to another person as a “chunky monkey” unless-
A. you know the person very well, so much so that said person would not be offended by being called one, or-
B. you can run very fast and will never see the person again.

A. come on over later, my little chunky monkey!
B. baby, you are a chunky monkey. leave some food for the rest of the world!

As you know by now i love to give so here is an article on a real life chubby chaser and some footage to fully complete your learning experience:

lard up people, lard up!


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