Day 11 of Alternative Words for Penis

Well blow me, it’s day 11 already. Nearly done and thanks for hanging in there.
I thought this was going to be way more fun that is.

I guess the thought of so much man meat was inspiring, but perhaps my eyes are bigger than……well you know the rest of it………


Ugly brother
Ugly stick
Uncle Chunk
Uncle Dick
Uncle Reamus
Uncle Richard
Uncle Spunk
Uncle Throbby
Uncle Wiggly
Unemployed, The
Upright citizen
Upright organ
Upright uncle
Uterus unicorn


V*gina miner
V*ginal depth detector
V*ginal dilator
V*ginal explorer
Vein-laden meat pipe
Vein-laden meat stick
Veinous Maximus
Veiny bangstick
Vertical dangler
Verve pipe
Viagra baby
Vicious dink
Virile member
Vlad the Impaler
Vomit rod
Vomiting dummy


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