Day 9 of Alternative Words for Penis

We meet again. Well q’s are a little light on the ground but r’s are red hot tonight.I am enjoying quim – tickler and Ralph the fur faced chicken, so dive in and test the water.It’s right on room temperature about now.


Quarter master
Quarter pounder with cheese
Quick shot Sam
Quivering member


Rainbow roll
Ralph the fur faced chicken
The Ramrod
Ranger Real deal,
The Reaming Tower of Penis
Rectum rooter
Red ender
Red helmeted love warrior
Red hot poker
Red rocket
Rhubarb Richard and the twins
Richard Cranium
Richard Head
Rick Hard
Ring stinger
Rising cedar
Rocket to Uranus
Rod hard ride
Rod of lordly might
Rodney Stickshift
Rogering Ramjet
Rolling pin
Roman soldier
Root of all evil
Rosey red reproductive rod
Round steak
Ruby-headed love dart
Ruddy sausage
Rump wrangler
Russell the love muscle
Russell the one eyed (wonder) muscle
Russian sputnik

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