A linguistic experiment

Check out this great site: http://all-sorts.org/
Below are some of their linguistic experiments. Wonderful. Will be back with the penis alternatives list tomorrow. I never thought there was a thing such as too much cock but i need a rest šŸ™‚

a cellar of austrians
a lode of homonyms
a harassing mangle of english anagrams
a cuntwaft of politicians
a fuckpiggery of tourettes sufferers
a mucking fuddle of spoonerisms
a nice and big collection of hendiasyses
a numerous multitude of tautologies
a foot and a half of sesquipedalians
a sneeze of pigs
a meta of collective nouns
an arse-fuck-cunt of tourette’s sufferers
a hoist of clothes lines
an obstruction of tourists
an array of geeks


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