How people find me….

Just as a matter of interest i thought you may like to see the company you keep, so the stats for the incredibly rude logophile show that people were led to this site from the following search terms over the past few weeks.
22.22% definition “feed the horse”
22.22% feed the horse definition
11.11% badonk a donk fishing lure
11.11% alternative words for the penis
11.11% drizzling spunk
11.11% sweet cunny
11.11% clitty

All of which just go to show that as rude as i may be, there are many equally and far more depraved individuals out there in the land of the internet. Plus rest assured that i would never use the term “cunny”. Pwerh! Why not just say cunt and be done with it.

It helps me to sleep at night to know i am serving a greater purpose! Bonjour mon ami …..

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