Day 6 of Alternative Words for Penis

It’s almost torturous isnt it? But from where i am it’s kinda funny:

Enjoy some more delightful vocab stretchers. My vote goes out for “Knob” a solid gold classic and “Leather lollipop”, no explanation necessary i do believe. (Please note the highlighting in penis pink for your viewing pleasure).

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Kaptain Kielbasa
Ken cracker
Kentucky horn
Kentucky telescope
Kibble ‘n’ Bitz
Kick stand
Kidney cracker
Kidney scraper
Kidney wiper
King Dingaling
King Dong
King, The
Kipper ripper
Knee knocker
Knowledge stick
Komodo dragon
Kosher pickle


Lady dagger
Lance of love
Lap rope
Last action hero
Leader of the sack
Leaky faucet
Leather lollipop
Lewinski lunch
Lickin’ stick
Licorice stick
Life preserver
Lil buddy
Lil Mr.
Lincoln log
Little admiral, The
Little bastard
Little Billy
Little bishop in a turtle neck
Little brother
Little Colonel
Little Dickie
Little Dutch boy
Little Elvis
Little friend
Little gator
Little guy
Little Jesus
Little Juan
Little man
Little shepherd boy
Little slugger
Little Willy
Live sausage
Long Dong Silver
Lord Hardwick
Long John
Long Tom
Longrod Von Hugenstein
Lord James D’Armais
Lord Plumber
Louisville plugger
Louisville slugger
Love gun
Love leg
Love log
Love lollipop
Love meat
Love muscle
Love-n-ator, The
Love pole
Love pump
Love sausage
Love stick
Love sub
Love sword
Love thruster
Love train
Love truncheon
Love wand
Love weasel
Love whistle
Love torpedo
Lucky charm
Lucky Chucky
Lunchmeat truncheon
Lung disturber
Lung puncturer
Luscious Lollipop


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